Football pitch, area

A football pitch or football field should be between 45 and 90 meters wide and between 90 and 120 meters long, but it cannot be square. The longer lines are called the touchlines and the shorter ones goal lines. In the middle of the field is the half-way line in the middle of which the center spot and center circle are drawn. The center circle has a radius of 9,15 meters to ensure that the opposing team are at the proper distance at kick-off. In each corner is a corner flag.
A goal is placed in the middle of the goal line, being 7,32 meter wide and 2,44 meter tall. Goal net is not compulsory. In a straight line from the middle of the goal, 11 meters out, is the penalty spot. Perpendicular from the goal posts are two connected lines of 5,5 meters that constitute the goal area. 16,5 meters from each goal post towards the corner flag is another two lines drawn 16,5 meters of distance, that then are connected to create the penalty area. Outside the penalty area and 9,15 meters from the penalty spot, a half circle is drawn to ensure the proper distance of the players not kicking the penalty.

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